How It Works

3 Quick Wins is an entirely free profile consultancy service, designed to help you get the most from your social media and professional profiles.

We're a team of experts who will provide you with personalized advice to help maximize the returns from your professional and social profiles.

We follow this tried and trusted approach:

  1. Submit a link to your profile via our website.
  2. We'll assign an expert on that platform to your case.
  3. They'll get back to you within 3 working days with 3 concrete suggestions to help you improve.
  4. You are free to take our advice or simply get on with your daily life: No time wasted, no money spent.

Product In Beta

This is a new service current being tested with a very select group of users on a limited number of platforms.

If you are interested in trying our service please get in touch.

Why We Do It

It's easy to spot problems and improvements when you're an expert who doesn't have to worry about being paid by the client.

It's really quick for us to analyse and improve your profile and best of all, we're really happy doing it.

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